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Basic Payment Scheme: confirm your land

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This post is now out of date.  Please check here for the latest information on claiming the Basic Payment Scheme.

If you’re already registered, you can now use Rural Payments to view and update maps of your land. If you haven’t already registered, go to or call the Rural Payments Agency on 03000 200 301 to find out more.

Customers have been contacting us about their land parcel screens which are showing sizes of land parcels, land use and land features to different decimal places. We’re working to improve the service to reduce the number of decimal places presented when adding the size of a land use or land feature to a land parcel. You may therefore wish to wait until the service is improved before confirming your land parcels.

We have carried across the information we already hold about land parcels onto the service for you to view and check for each of your businesses. If it needs updating, or if something is missing, you can tell us on the service (or call if you need to - you'll be asked to on the screen).

To claim the Basic Payment Scheme, you need to tell us about:

  • land use for each of your parcels
  • ineligible land features
  • any land features you will use to meet the greening rules, such as hedges and buffer strips.

When adding a land use or feature to a parcel, you must accurately type in its length in metres or its size in hectares when prompted to on screen.

If the system prompts you to, you should also click on the online map to draw the location of the land use or feature, using a choice of Ordnance Survey or aerial photography views to help you.

Once you have added this information, the Rural Payments Agency will check and validate the size and location of changes to your land parcels, to help you accurately claim.

You can’t do everything using Rural Payments right now but do get started with what’s available as there is lots to do. We will be updating the service with new features and making improvements during February and from March, you’ll be able to complete other parts of your Basic Payment Scheme claim, such as checking your entitlements. To find out what you’ll be able to do when, click here.

You can find out more about what you need to tell us, and how – here.

If you need help when using Rural Payments, please call 03000 200 301.





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  1. Comment by Alexander Bird posted on


    Trying to edit land parcels, but the links within the page (add new feature, edit existing feature etc.) are not working. I'm using Google Chrome.

    Is this a known issue? When will it be resolved?


    • Replies to Alexander Bird>

      Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

      Hello. We are working hard to fix this issue and will provide updates on this blog. Sorry for any inconvenience.

      • Replies to Alice Hammond>

        Comment by John posted on

        Alice, I have a field totally missing in the new system (it is in the RLR attached to me like all my other parcels) and nobody on the phoneline knows how to fix it or if it can be fixed.

        • Replies to John>

          Comment by Caroline posted on

          Thanks for highlighting your problem and sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing this. We’ll contact you directly to discuss your individual circumstances.

  2. Comment by Martin Lister posted on

    I'm an agent having the same problem using Internet Explorer 11. Very annoying every time I select 'check land' it doesn't automatically load 'Land uses and features' - there is a significant delay; then when selecting 'this information is complete ...' and 'submit' it reverts to telling me there is some information missing, and I can't get any further !!!

    As an agent I need to be able to confirm whole farm land parcels, not just a few parcels within the holding (as and when the system lets me) each time I log on.

  3. Comment by Michael Beba posted on

    Having same problem using safari. Third attempt over the last week. Giving up for now!!!

    • Replies to Michael Beba>

      Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

      Thanks for your feedback. If you experience slow running, please call 03000 200 301 to let us know.

  4. Comment by toby posted on

    hi your webinar was useful,but other than "farming forum" there dont seem to be any links to it or previous ones.
    can you put the webinar links on cap reform blog so we can catch up if we miss it.
    still huge problems mapping it doesnt do paths,tracks field splits, and if you get something done, its still throwing out what appear to be completed pages.

  5. Comment by Martin Lister posted on

    Very strange - or should it be 'not surpised' - that RPA have not yet replied to any of the blogs since the first one on this page.

    I recon to be a valued Agent (since I am supposed to be a guinea pig on their pilot scheme) and reported through several channels (including this one) last Monday that I was unable to check the land parcels properly in a COST EFFICIENT manner (other than by having to click three times for each feature, which was taking about 4 minutes per parcel) with my clients when they turned up in my office to make their initial telephone registration with the RPA. I'm in a predominantly stock-rearing dales area and many of my clients have a large number of small fields, so when their average round trip is in excess of 2 hours just to effect their registration checking off 30-65 fields at 4 minutes each is not an option.

    There have been several upgrades to the Land section of the website since last Monday, but every time it comes back Online it still does not allow anyone to confirm the individual land parcel front page overview is correct BY SIMPLY TICKING THE BOX AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE and Submitting the information. This is a FUNDAMENTAL NEED NOW - before we have anymore clients turn up at my reception (mostly without appointments when in the locality for other reasons - which is a very sensible approach, unlike the RPA).

    I've come back into the office Saturday afternoon to try and process some of the outstanding parcels, only to find that Friday's upgrade has not changed anything in this respect.

    • Replies to Martin Lister>

      Comment by Caroline posted on

      Thanks for continuing to give us your feedback. This helps us to continuously improve the service to reflect current customer experience.
      I understand your frustration about the service speed recently when updating land and the problems you are having confirming land parcels. We are working on addressing this problem and if you do still find the service is slow, please let us know on 03000 200 301.

  6. Comment by Alexander Bird posted on


    First issued fixed - thank you.

    Another issue however - when confirming land features the system asks 'when did this change occur?'. Unless I choose today's date (which is clearly silly for features that in some cases have been there for many generations e.g. a pond) the system will not allow me to 'save and submit'.

    Q1. Why ask if I can only submit one date?
    Q2. Assuming this is a system error and not intentional - why offer a selection dating back only to 1st Jan 2009?
    Q3. Why ask at all? If the feature exists it exists!

    Finally, on another note, if an application qualifies for an exemption from the EFAs due to a large area of grass, can you confirm land features such as buffer strips do not need to be marked?


    • Replies to Alexander Bird>

      Comment by Caroline posted on

      I’m pleased your first issue has been fixed.
      The issue around effective dates is now known to us but thanks for raising it. The issue is being resolved.
      The functionality to record effective dates is part of the service to allow new and recent features to be recorded both now and going forward.
      Buffer strips do not need to be recorded if you do not wish or need to use them as an EFA feature.

  7. Comment by James Thomas posted on

    In the situation where I have a sufficient area of peas or beans to use as my EFA, how should I code other ELS/ HLS areas (for example field corner management options)? If I were to code these with the pre-dominant land use code (e.g. wheat) this would increase my area of wheat used for my '3 crop rule' measurements. Therefore, is it the RPA's interpretation that buffer strips/ field corners etc not used for EFA can be included as part of the crop area submitted for the 3 crop rules?


  8. Comment by Paul posted on

    Have tried several times to start changing incorrect land parcels but am unable to change anything. I have a good internet connection, but system seems too slow or not fully working to me.

    Please can you help by stating a date when you expect the new system to be fully operational?

    • Replies to Paul>

      Comment by Caroline posted on

      Thanks Paul. We are aware there have been issues with updating land uses on the service recently. However improvements have been made and we are working to make more, so please try again; if you still experience slow running please let us know by calling 03000 200 301.

  9. Comment by J Burns posted on

    Could someone please explain why we are being put through this frustrating waste of time when it appears no one can get far because the various steps in developing the new system which are still missing bring us to a halt. RPA's courtesy, both written and verbal, is appreciated and perhaps I have missed the detailed guidance on how to proceed. If so , where is it to be found?

    Last year's online application was a doddle. This year's sounds like trouble.
    Today I tried registering online but Experian could not find me and the other one couldn't help because I have neither mobile or smartphone (no signals here) nor tablet with camera.
    In complete contrast the telephone route made registering a pleasure. It was quickly and efficiently done. I feel that I just don't seem to understand the "language" for the online stuff but maybe it's because the "dictionary" is missing?

    • Replies to J Burns>

      Comment by Caroline posted on

      Sorry to hear you are having problems using Rural Payments; if you need help when using the service you can call 03000 200 301 for assistance.

  10. Comment by Frank Pearman posted on

    Is there any way of retrieving your pre populated information on a land parcel after I have made changes and ticked the confirm button and have a 'Yes' in the checked column.

    • Replies to Frank Pearman>

      Comment by Caroline posted on

      Hello, I’m afraid that once you’ve confirmed the parcel changes you won’t be able to reinstate the pre-populated information on screen. Please call 03000 200 301.

  11. Comment by Simon Ward posted on

    My query appears not to have got past the moderator. How can the description "fallow buffer strip" still be included on the drop down list and an area required? Fallow and buffer have different EFA weightings. Buffer requires a linear measurement and not an area. This risks not just being a problem for applicants but also risks fines under administrative controls for the RPA.

    How can the software designers use descriptors such as "streams and waterways" 1, 2 and 3 which provide insufficient information to get this far? (wording might be wrong - I can't get on to the system to check at the moments - but the principle is correct.

  12. Comment by Chris posted on

    You have stated that we will need to calculate the length of buffer strip we have for 1m in length =9m2 EFA. Why can I not add any buffer strips in metres? It asks for it in Ha? This is important for some areas which are using the 1m Cross Compliance margin to fulfil their whole EFA.

    • Replies to Chris>

      Comment by janeboaden posted on

      We're changing this to metres in our next release due in the next few days. You'll be able to draw buffer strips as lines on the sketch map from then and give their length and width in metres.

  13. Comment by Jon Homer posted on

    System won't let me confirm or update my land parcels at all, every time I try to correct them it just comes back with a "proposal submission failed". What am I supposed to do know?
    I reported this to you weeks ago and still not been fixed. Pity the late fines only go one way.

  14. Comment by C Fox posted on

    I successfully registered for BPS 3 weeks ago, Easy Peasy. My land parcles were also showing at the time. However when logging on recently to fully check the land details by SELECT CHECK LAND ,nothing happens, Has the land been swiped off the system??
    I phoned the help line and although helpful and logging onto my information, no one could explain where the missing information was.

    Could this be a repeat of the 2005 fiasco???

    • Replies to C Fox>

      Comment by Caroline posted on

      Sorry to hear you’re having problems. We’re working to resolve the slow speeds some customers encounter when using the land features on the service and make sure all customers can view their land. We’ll look into your case and contact you directly about it via e-mail.

  15. Comment by T Robinson posted on

    I too am getting a Submit proposal failed error when I try to confirm land features. This happens even though the areas add up correctly. I get the same error whether using Chrome, Firefox or safari web browsers.

    • Replies to T Robinson>

      Comment by Caroline posted on

      Thanks for your feedback; we are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. We’ll keep you updated via this blog - if you haven’t already done so you can set up an alert on this so you’re notified when we add new information or updates.

      • Replies to Caroline>

        Comment by Thomas Robinson posted on

        I have been helping out a friend with his field data and we were able to confirm fields with no problem . However he was not adding field features such as buffer strips, with my own more complex updates I am unable to confirm field changes. Cannot a message be provided on screen as to the problem instead of an unintuitive error message?

        • Replies to Thomas Robinson>

          Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

          Hello, please could you let us know what the problem with adding buffer strips you are encountering is? If you need assistance to use the service, please call 03000 200 301 and they will be able to talk you through what you can see on screen.

          • Replies to Alice Hammond>

            Comment by Thomas Robinson posted on

            I am able to add buffer strips, although found it tricky to draw a 1 metre strip on the map. My problem is when I try to confirm the field changes I am getting the 'submit proposal failure' error. On the subject of buffer strips shouldn't these be a linear feature like hedges?

          • Replies to Thomas Robinson>

            Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

            We’re aware that customers are getting these messages, please do try again and report all issues you encounter to 03000 200 301. We are going to make improvements to the service to allow you to enter buffer strips as a linear feature and we’ll update this blog when we do so.

  16. Comment by Edward Mossop posted on

    I cant seem to operate the interactive maps effectively. please can someone tell me whether we wait until such time as the software is fully operational or can we do some of the checking of our land parcels now? there's a lot to do in April and I wanted to steal a lead on getting this application out of the way early. After registering CAPIS (which was easy) I am now frustrated and worried that we are heading for another "system meltdown" that plagued the start of the Single Payment Scheme

    • Replies to Edward Mossop>

      Comment by Caroline posted on

      Hello, when you have finished drawing on the land parcel, you must double click to complete the drawing. You can only draw within the land parcel highlighted, to draw within other land parcels you need to return to the main land page that lists your land parcels for that business. You can find guidance on how to draw by clicking on the ‘How to draw on the map’ link. You need to accurately enter the size or length of the land use or feature into the box when prompted, but your drawing is just a sketch to show the location of that use/feature.
      It’s great that you’ve started checking your parcels now. We’d advise you to carry on with this; hopefully most features will already be there from your RLR records but you may need to add some so starting early will help. I hope that this advice helps, if you are still having problems please call 03000 200 301 for further assistance.

  17. Comment by John posted on

    "if something is missing, you can tell us on the service"

    No, there is no option on the service, and the telephone helpline is as useless as ever.

    I called the helpline because one parcel attached to me in the old system was not imported into the new system. The first few times you call you're passed between departments and back again because nobody knows what to do. Then eventually you're told to wait and it will appear. A month later and still the problem continues and nobody knows how to put the missing parcel into the new system and nobody can even confirm that the problem ever will be fixed.

    • Replies to John>

      Comment by Caroline posted on

      Thanks for highlighting your problem and sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing this. We’ll contact you directly to discuss your individual circumstances.

  18. Comment by HOWARD sMITH posted on

    All of the field parcels are shown and we are paid to two decimal points but the mapping is to 4 decimal points and the system is not compatible as the area of the fields have not changed. Consequently I cannot begin to check my land parcels as there are no features to add where the existing field is all permanent grass.I advised of this nearly 3 weeks ago and as an agent with many field parcels to confirm cannot believe that the system has this basic flaw which is still not resolved. Could someone please speak to me to explain how this can be resolved as I still have horrendous memories about 2005 and the mapping fiasco.

  19. Comment by william posted on

    I too have been trying to check land parcels and use drawing tool on maps, ok if whole field wheat, any other combinations ...proposal failed error... doesn't tell you what to do to rectify.
    Would have been great help if maps/land parcels had been pre-populated with 2014 SPS land use information not just basic map that we then could have adjusted accordingly.

    • Replies to william>

      Comment by Caroline posted on

      Hello, thanks for your feedback. We are aware of the problem with checking land parcels and looking into it. Plus we need you to tell us about your land use for your 2015 claim, as part of the more detailed information required for the new CAP policy, so there is more to do this year.

  20. Comment by HOWARD sMITH posted on

    Field numbers should appear on the plans as without a paper plan to accompany the application process it is not clear exactly where you are on the farm with many land parcels and also not able as yet to print a plan off from the whole screen is a hindrance.
    Will there be a simple tick box to complete if the use is the same as stated . I think you should make available worked examples so applicants know what the end product will look like

  21. Comment by Siobhan Stainton posted on

    As an agent I was notified of the webinar's held last year, but I seem to have 'fallen off' the agent's list as I haven't been notified of the last 2 that took place in February - please can you let me know I get put back on the list. Also where & when will I be able to find the recording of the webinar from 24th Feb?

    Many thanks

    • Replies to Siobhan Stainton>

      Comment by janeboaden posted on

      Thank you for your question. The webinars that have taken place recently have been aimed at a different audience to the one you joined last year. We do however post the recordings of this new series of webinars on this blog so if you click here you can see the latest one from 24th February.
      We hold these webinars every two weeks and post the recording on this blog soon after each one takes place. If you haven't already done so you can set up an alert on this blog's home page so you're notified whenever we add new content such as links to the webinars.

  22. Comment by HOWARD sMITH posted on

    2nd of March and still no fix for the issues concerning decimal points on mapping which the weekend fix was to correct but speaking to your staff this morning I understand this was cancelled. If so why did you not communicate this. The extra work in changing parcel sizes will be immense, time consuming and costly. As agents we will need to make a start otherwise we will not keep up with what is needed. Please announce when the fix will take place and as for your chief executive asking for patience I think a month to fix this is long enough our patience is running thin due to the inability to get this right the first time of asking and based on previous mapping failures . You had long enough to think about it and design the programme properly.

  23. Comment by Nicola posted on

    When trying to draw features I have had a problem, when I click on the + to increase the view size I get a message saying the webpage is not available and I have to go back to the farm details. Has anyone else had this? If so how did you get around it as I have not been able to draw any features.

    • Replies to Nicola>

      Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

      Hello, thank you for your feedback about the service and sorry to hear that you are having problems. We will look into this problem for you and if you continue to encounter it, please call 03000 200 301.

  24. Comment by Susan Tune posted on

    I viewed my land parcels last week and had all the security check from Experian etc but have not received an email with the 10 digits required to log back in again?

    • Replies to Susan Tune>

      Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

      If you registered with GOV.UK Verify and chose Experian, you should be able to log-in with the username and password you created at the point of registration. If you have any problems, please contact Experian’s helpdesk on 0344 481 8192, between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am and 4pm Saturdays (excluding public holidays).

  25. Comment by Bill posted on

    I have what appears to be the same problem as reported by Susan on the 4th Mar.
    I can sign in via GOV.UK Verify but have to wait while Experian send me a log in code to my mobile phone.
    The sign in to Rural Payments brings up the following screen information -

    Sign in

    Customer reference number

    This is the 10 digit number emailed to you when you created your account


    I was never emailed a 10 Digit number. I have tried the customer ref number but that does not appear to work.
    Have customers been emailed with the 10 digit number when creating their account via Experian?

    • Replies to Bill>

      Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

      Hello, if you registered with GOV.UK Verify then you need to sign in to Rural Payments using this link. The link you are trying to sign in with is for customers who registered by calling the Rural Payments Agency. Hope this helps

  26. Comment by John posted on

    All I get when submitting one of my named parcels is "Submit proposal failed" -- permanently and persistently.

  27. Comment by John posted on

    "Submit proposal failed" every time -- on a parcel that was simply imported from the old RLR system.


    • Replies to John>

      Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

      Hello, we’re aware of this problem and working hard to fix it as soon as possible. We’ll keep you posted on this blog. Apologies for any inconvenience.

      • Replies to Alice Hammond>

        Comment by Victoria posted on

        The problem is that the blog doesn't say that this is an issue! I spent ages last week doing something for it to not work but your so called service availability and updates werent updated accordingly...

        • Replies to Victoria>

          Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

          Hello, thank you for your feedback about the blog’s service updates. We’ll try and make sure we provide more information in the future.

          • Replies to Alice Hammond>

            Comment by Victoria posted on

            And yet again, today it says you can amend business details but you can't! I rang the helpline who said ignore what is on the blog and customers are being fobbed off! How on earth are we meant to work like this?

          • Replies to Victoria>

            Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

            Hello, you can amend business details at the moment by calling the helpline on 03000 200 301. Apologies that our blog page was confusing, we’ll amend it to say that you can check and update personal details, and check business details. Thank you for your feedback.

  28. Comment by Bill posted on

    When confirming my land, the details already on screen are correct, when I click on any of the parcels the following message appears under land use -
    Permanent grassland !More information required
    Permanent grassland is correct, can you let me know what additional information is required?
    By the way I have clicked on "Permanent Grassland" and re-inputted "Permanent Grassland" but the system then shows Feature rather than Land Use.

    • Replies to Bill>

      Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

      Apologies for any inconvenience this issue is causing you. We are resolving it as soon as possible and will update the blog.

  29. Comment by Sarah Lodge posted on

    I am trying to add a feature to a land parcel and I am getting a message "something went wrong - try again later". I have tried several times since and still the same message.

    • Replies to Sarah Lodge>

      Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

      This issue has now been resolved for the vast majority of customers, if you try again and get the error message, please let us know on 03000 200 301. Thank you for your feedback and apologies for any inconvenience.

      • Replies to Alice Hammond>

        Comment by Lil posted on

        No, this problem hasn't been resolved. Tried many different fields and features - still the same error message: 'Something went wrong, please try again later'. Ponds and lakes on our land have been classified as Rivers and streams type 3. It took me 1 hour to verify 3 features in one field with 22 different features. When tried to continue and save, the site locked up and I had to log off. Help!!!!!

    • Replies to Sarah Lodge>

      Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

      This issue is due to service performance and we are working hard to resolve it. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  30. Comment by Jane Maries posted on

    Have been trying to verify land on behalf of my Mum who has never been online! Only a small holding all permanent pasture which is already set up on line, but it asks us for more information! Helpline led me round a merry dance when it should have been open at 8am it told me it was closed and try another number - which was just the same - and that told me it was closed to!!
    6.52 am trying again but cannot access the parcels of land but the webiste tells me I cannot access for a few hours. Frustrating!!

    • Replies to Jane Maries>

      Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

      Apologies for any inconvenience this issue is causing you. We are resolving it as soon as possible and will update the blog

  31. Comment by William posted on

    Will you please give updated information on what is available, and what you have to do next with the application. I think you need to have a step by step set of instructions how to complete the process. At the moment it seems like I've been to a DIY store bought a complicated flat pack got it home found no instructions and expected to put it together with my own screwdriver, which I eventually manage, not an easy process but it should have been!!

  32. Comment by George posted on

    No we cannot use this system. It does not work. Need a solution this week

  33. Comment by Laura posted on

    RPA - Please can we have some indication of when maps will be back online?! I think we all need to know so we can plan our workload. The system has been down for days now without a proper explanation as to what is happening.

  34. Comment by Office Boy posted on

    I think we've got MELTDOWN!

  35. Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

    Thank you for all of your feedback over the last week. To respond to recent comments received on this blog post about the Rural Payments service, we’d like to draw your attention to an announcement the Rural Payments Agency made on 19 March. We are going to offer farmers and agents the use of established forms and processes to complete their Basic Payment Scheme claims. You can find out more about the announcement here: If your comment above was not about the availability of the Rural Payments service, we will respond to your questions directly.