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Releasing new features: Rural Payments service availability and extended helpline hours

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This post is now out of date.  Please check the latest status updates on the Rural Payments service.

Last week we blogged about the way we are rolling out the new Rural Payments service, releasing features gradually so we can gather feedback from our users and improve it as we go.

This week, we are starting to release new features so here’s an update on what that means in terms of service availability between now and Monday (2nd February).

We recommend that on Friday 30th January, you avoid using the service or if you're an agent, booking appointments with clients as it likely to be unavailable for parts of the day.

On Saturday 31st January and Sunday 1st February, you can use the service but please note that some of the details of your land might not be visible to you while we make these updates.

The Rural Payments helpline (03000 200 301) is currently open from 7am - 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 2pm at weekends.

If you want to get started, head to and get registered with the new service, or call 03000 200 301.

For updates: you can follow the blog ( follow @ruralpay on Twitter, or for any other help you can call 03000 200 301.

Once registered, you can check back in to your account for any updates too.

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  1. Comment by David Brooks posted on

    Believe it or not, appointments are booked more than 3 days in advance. Longer warning of delays is required

  2. Comment by Lynette Dear posted on

    I've been trying to link to a business for the last two days - service not available. From the information above it should be.

    • Replies to Lynette Dear>

      Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

      Hello and sorry to hear you are having problems. If you call the RPA helpline on 03000 200 301 they will be able to help you.

      • Replies to Alice Hammond>

        Comment by Lynette Dear posted on

        I did and had to leave a message from them to call me back - to date no call has been received. Still unable to link a business.

  3. Comment by J J Coates posted on

    john There is no-one there at 03000200302 at 16.55 friday

  4. Comment by Sally Gray posted on

    Any news on when the system will be available again? I've got appointments booked with clients later in the day

  5. Comment by Ajay posted on

    For renewing our last ELS there was wonderful assistance, either printed or via online - specifically directed at filling out online application forms - a great help. Why has there been no such assistance for the BPS application 2015?
    The Webinars are interesting but even they cannot produce the full picture. The Help Lines are still on still a learning curve - totally unnecessary if the method of online application for BPS was fully explored and explained.
    Note - No need to pace out hedge length on ELS - automatically worked out by computer.
    Online SPS was a 'doddle'; this year's BPS would be ideal to enter if only on paper! - however, I'm sure we shall look back in 2 years time wondering what all the fuss was about.

    • Replies to Ajay>

      Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

      Thank you for your feedback on the webinars, if you have any suggestions for how they can be improved please let us know. We are due to publish some guidance on what you need to map for BPS using Rural Payments and will update this blog with links.