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This blog contains news, updates and help on claiming rural payments.

You can start your claim for the Basic Payment Scheme by registering at If you need help, please call 03000 200 301. You can check opening hours for the helpline here.

Our latest blog posts include the announcement on the new approach for claiming the Basic Payment Scheme.

In the right hand column on this page under ‘Further information’ you can find other links to help you.

We will be posting updates on this blog and any additional information to support you where we can.

If you need help with using Rural Payments or if you have any queries, please call 03000 200 301. You can check opening hours for the helpline here.

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  1. Comment by Martin Swann posted on

    Can you please update the blog as soon as possible when registration is unavailable. On two occasions this week clients have travelled to some distance to my office to register only to be told that the registration system is unavailable.

  2. Comment by Eileen posted on

    I left a comment and email some time ago but had no reply and saw nothing on any blog. Did you get it?

    • Replies to Eileen>

      Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

      Hello. We received your comment of 2 February and we replied on 3 February to say: "We can’t advise you on the costs of an agent but you could contact some local ones and ask." If that isn't the comment you are referring to, please let us know.

  3. Comment by Richard posted on

    I've heard that the online system has been abandoned and that we will be receiving paper forms shortly. Can anyone clarify this?

  4. Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

    Thank you for your feedback. To respond to recent comments received on this blog post about the Rural Payments service, we’d like to draw your attention to an announcement the Rural Payments Agency made on 19 March. We are going to offer farmers and agents the use of established forms and processes to complete their Basic Payment Scheme claims. You can find out more about the announcement here:

  5. Comment by Hilary posted on

    So when are we getting the prepopulated forms? It is now the 8th April and nothing has appeared.

  6. Comment by Christopher posted on

    In non-agricultural land codes MT01 and MT02 contradict themselves about public access, which is which?
    Is an irrigation reservoir WF03?

    • Replies to Christopher>

      Comment by andywebb posted on

      Christopher, thanks for your feedback. You are correct and I can confirm that the guidance is being updated to reflect this.”

      Yes, an irrigation reservoir should be coded like a pond using code WF03 as an artificial water feature but you shouldn’t include this code in your BP5 at all if the area of the feature, when combined with any other ineligible features in the land parcel, is less than 0.01 hectares.

  7. Comment by John Emmett posted on

    I have made several requests now for a paper application form but nothing has appeared. I was told only two of my calls have been logged. I started this procedure on the 30th April, but nothing has arrived yet I am always told to wait a few more days. If all forms have been sent out to farmers, I must be the only one left and if so should it not be easy to just send me a form?