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The CAP Information Service - the benefits

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The CAP Information Service is the new online application and payment service for CAP schemes.  Customers wanting to apply for the new Basic Payment Scheme will need to be registered on the service.  In this post, we talk you through the benefits of using the service to apply for the new Basic Payment Scheme.  You can read our August leaflet for the latest on this and other CAP schemes.

As we’ve already mentioned on this blog, we are introducing the service gradually to customers – small groups at a time - and we began this process with just a handful of customers at the end of July.  We’ll be inviting more customers to use the beta of the service (what’s beta?) and this year, we’ll be sending increasing numbers of customers their ‘Get started’ Registration Pack telling them that it’s time to get started.  Find out how you can get ready for this.  Don't worry if you receive your Registration Pack before or after other farmers you know; we’ll send it to you in good time.  Those who receive it early will be asked to give us feedback on their experience, as we continue to improve the CAP Information Service over the coming months.

The new Basic Payment Scheme starts from 1 January 2015 and the claim window will open some week afterwards, so you might be wondering why we are sending any Registration Packs out this year.  This post is about the benefits of the service, but while many of these benefits will be immediately obvious (more on these later), some of the benefits of the system will take a little time to be realised.  We need you to tell us more about your business and your land details than we asked for when you applied for the Single Payment Scheme.  So we are going to start inviting customers to use the service as soon as possible, so they can tell us everything they need to well before it is time to submit a claim.  It’s also a completely new way of applying so you’ll need to allow yourself time to get used to it.

We’ve designed the CAP Information Service to be a one stop shop for everything CAP but that doesn’t mean we want you to use it just once a year.  It’s where you will store all of your personal and business information relating to your application (no need to enter it all again in 2016) and is where you can plan how you will use your land each year so that you are eligible to apply for the Basic Payment Scheme and meet the greening requirements of the Scheme (these are worth 30% of the total money you can get).  So you can come back to the service regularly and make sure everything is in place.

So what about the immediate benefits?  As soon as you use the CAP Information Service, we hope you’ll agree that the online aerial photography and OS map views of your land parcels, straight-forward permissions process to allow others to use the service for you and simple, user-friendly layout are a big improvement on the paper forms of the past.

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  1. Comment by everett posted on

    thank you,but this above is a very general chat and doesnt add any detail so I am not sure what I am supposed to do,
    may i suggest
    a paragraph of introduction,
    annotated facts,
    a conclusion
    and a summary detailing what the user is supposed to do having read the above
    I also still find DEFRA ,RPA, CAPREFORM BLOG,full of scattered information and references to many sources , you click on one it sends you to another and often back where you started,it never seems logical, or simple ,it needs pulling together in one place date by date ?

  2. Comment by PF & DM Gwilliam posted on

    Is this just another move for farmers to loose some of our payments by making mistakes in a new system ?

    • Replies to PF & DM Gwilliam>

      Comment by emilyball posted on

      We are designing the new service to reduce the chances of people making mistakes and to make it as easy as possible. Our aim is to make sure farmers get the money they are eligible for and that payments are accurate.

  3. Comment by RICHARD FRY posted on

    I claimed SPS and previously IACS and as a sole trader who does all my own claims I would like to know when I am going to receive my registration pack. Am I able to 'verify' before I get my registration pack. There is no info at all regarding the starting point. Previously I have been able to access all of my claims through the CTS website on the RPA link. this is no longer possible and although I have read everything that comes through the door I feel in the dark because of the continual ''''you will be asked ''''' you will be doing ''''' when is it all going to happen or is it a subtle way of getting us all to use Agents???