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Advice for new and registered claimants

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If you are registered on the Rural Payments service you can amend your business details, including adding new farming businesses, online at:

If you are a new claimant or an agent who’s not made a claim before, you can register on the service via

Registering on the service is the first part of making a rural payments claim.

If you need help call the RPA helpline on 03000 200 301. Check here for the helpline’s opening hours.

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  1. Comment by Anthony posted on

    There doesn't seem to be the ability to edit the main business contact email address, how do we go about doing that?

    • Replies to Anthony>

      Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

      Hello, you can't do this online now, to amend it please call the RPA helpline on 03000 200 301. Thank you.

      • Replies to Alice Hammond>

        Comment by Will posted on

        I have phone the RPA helpline three times about amending the e-mail address. On every occasion they have said I would have to wait for an update to the website to do it, as they can't.
        Which is it please?

        • Replies to Will>

          Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

          We are working to update the Rural Payments service to allow customers to do this as soon as possible.

    • Replies to Anthony>

      Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

      Apologies for the comment sent yesterday but it was incorrect and you cannot currently amend business e-mail addresses. We are working to resolve this.

      • Replies to Alice Hammond>

        Comment by Will posted on

        Thank you Alice. Please can you post on the blog when we can can the business email address.

  2. Comment by Rodney posted on

    Would it not be better to have all the parts of the system working properly before adding new things like business type and accountable person details. It might also be helpful if your staff were told about these before agents rang up querying them.

    As someone who does not use blogs regularly I thought the idea was that they were a useful tool to inform people but RPA do not seem to be able to communicate what is happening promptly to the frustration, I am sure, of farmers and agents alike. The whole system appears to be geared towards the designers and not the users.

  3. Comment by Tim posted on

    When will the pre populated forms be sent out and when will there be continuation sheets to download from the website. We have been granted a months extension and two weeks of this has already been used up. If these forms do not appear for another two weeks we will be in the same mess as before with regard to getting them in on time. Why oh why don't you put the continuation sheets on line so that we can start completing the smaller applications. The advice that things will be sent out in April is unhelpful, be more specific please