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Introducing CAP Information Service, gradually

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From this week, the very first users of the new online application and payment service for all CAP schemes, called CAP Information Service, will be able to register and begin using a private beta of the service for themselves.

It isn’t available to everyone yet, though. This week, a handful will use it and over the coming months, we’ll be directly inviting more customers to register for the service and start using it.

This gradual introduction of the service is one way we are making sure that the service is right for customers. CAP customers will receive a letter or e-mail telling them when to start using the service, along with a Registration Pack containing everything they need to know. If you haven’t received your Registration Pack, don’t worry. We are planning to send most customers their Registration Pack around late October, and some customers may receive it after that.

Because the service is new and because there is a new Common Agricultural Policy from Europe, we need customers to start using the service as soon as they receive their invite and Registration Pack. There is a lot to do before customers can apply for the new Basic Payment Scheme. So when you receive your invite and Registration Pack, it’s time to get started.

Support will be available for those who need help to get online and use the service. We’ll let you know more about that on this blog later this summer.


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  1. Comment by Jason Smith posted on

    I'd be interested to know what arrangements are being made for agents who want to access the new CAP IT system on behalf of their farming clients. Will agents have special registration arrangements or will they have to use their client's registration details? Some clarification would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

    • Replies to Jason Smith>

      Comment by Eloise Munday posted on

      We'll contact agents directly when we need them to register. They will need to register the same way as customers - individually - and will be given a customer reference number that their clients can use to find them on the service and give them permissions. So to act for a client, you will need their customer reference number as well as being registered yourself.

      • Replies to Eloise Munday>

        Comment by G Patterson posted on


        I just setting up my business as an agent / administrator, so you won't have my details yet to contact me to register. Should I register on the old system or not bother?

        • Replies to G Patterson>

          Comment by Alice Hammond posted on

          We will be advising both existing and new agents on what they should do in the coming months, please keep reading this blog for updates.

  2. Comment by Colin Yardley posted on

    I have read THE NEW COMMON AGRICULTURAL POLICY SCHEMES IN ENGLAND:AUGUST 2014 and I am not clear whether any of it applies to Common land which had CSS and EWGS agreements until they expired.

    • Replies to Colin Yardley>

      Comment by Eloise Munday posted on

      Pages 2 to 3 of the August 2014 update leaflet contain specific information on how the new Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) applies to Common Land, but the information in the rest of the leaflet also applies. This is irrespective of whether the land used to be covered by other agreements. We will provide more information about BPS land eligibility later in the year. Hope this is helpful.

  3. Comment by Jo Baxter posted on

    I do not currently claim for SPS but will be looking to obtain BPS entitlement in 2015 from either the national reserve (as a new entrant/young farmer, once rules are confirmed) or purchasing via a transfer. How do you identify potential applicants & how can I ensure that you will contact me to register my application? In addition, how and when can I obtain a paper application for the national reserve available in 2015? Lastly, on your timeline, a central customer service CAP helpline was due to be implemented in July 2014. Has this been implemented and please can you provide the number. Thanks.

    • Replies to Jo Baxter>

      Comment by emilyball posted on

      You will need to use the new online CAP Information Service to apply for the Basic Payment Scheme and for entitlements from the National Reserve. As you are a new CAP customer, you will be able to register on the service, via GOV.UK, from early 2015. We will be providing updates for new customers via the farming media and, so please keep checking back. There are no paper applications for National Reserve; you can apply for entitlements from the National Reserve if you’re a young farmer or a new entrant, using the online CAP Information Service. We’ll tell you more about this later in the year, including what evidence you’ll need to show us to prove that you’re eligible. The CAP Information Service telephony support is being gradually released as part of the registration process. In the meantime you can contact the RPA (contact details on