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SFI 22 Closure payments

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On 21 June we announced the closure of SFI 22.

All SFI 22 agreements will close, and customers have been notified of their agreement end date. Any customer who wishes to leave their SFI 22 agreement early can contact RPA to discuss their options.  There are different payments that will be made, and we’d like to clarify them to prevent confusion.

When agreements are nearing their closure dates, we will carry out any checks that are needed to accurately calculate the final SFI 22 payment due.

This may include 3 payments:

  • your final quarterly payment
  • a prorated management payment
  • if due, an agreement closure payment

We will write to agreement holders separately about completing a closure declaration.

When your agreement ends:

  • you will not have to repay any money already received if you’ve complied with your agreement up to that point
  • if due, we will pay you a closure payment to cover any financial loss resulting from the transition from the current SFI 22 offer to our new, expanded SFI 23 offer
  • we will pay you the management payment you are owed – we introduced this payment for all agreement holders from January 2023; it is worth £20 per hectare, per year, for the first 50 hectares in your SFI agreement

For further guidance on the Sustainable Farming Incentive schemes (SFI 22 & 23), please visit Sustainable Farming Incentive guidance - GOV.UK (

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  1. Comment by toby posted on

    Thanks for the very useful update.It is impossible to know whether to end SFI22 early in order to join SFI23 options,as whilst you can calculate the benefits of SFI23, it requires an individual calculation for each sbi no,only available from the RPA to see the SFI 22 sums due to me.How can I access my SFI22 final closure statement now ,so that I can make the decision to either wait for it to end or to immediately go for SFI23 options that are probably likely to be more beneficial?.thanks very much.

    • Replies to toby>

      Comment by vickiallonby posted on

      Hi Toby, thank you for your comment. I have passed your details and query to the SFI delivery team who will get in touch with you with more information. I hope this helps.

  2. Comment by Toby posted on

    Thank you yes look forward to their contact