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How to allow someone to act on your behalf in the Rural Payments Service

Change permissions on the Rural Payments service
Hands working with a laptop on the white office desk with a mobile phone showing GOV.UK, a Countryside Stewardship overview booklet on the table. The Rural Payments service permissions screen is showing on the laptop screen.

Would you like someone else to act on behalf of your business on the Rural Payments service?

There are different levels of permission you can give an individual, depending on their responsibilities for your business.

Whether you want them to amend your business details or submit your applications and claims, you choose the appropriate ‘permission’ level.

For more information about what the permission types mean and how we use them to contact you, visit 'Rural Payments: registering and updating your details' on GOV.UK

To add an individual to your business on the Rural Payments service, your ‘permission’ level must be set to ‘full permissions’ for ‘Business Details’. They must be registered on the Rural Payments service and you will need their customer reference number (CRN).

Click the image below and watch our short video to see how to add people to your business on the Rural Payments service and how to select the appropriate ‘permission’ level.

YouTube video on screen
How to add people and amend your permissions YouTube video

Reminder: The deadline for CS revenue claims and BPS applications is 15 May 2019.

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