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BPS 2018 Key Dates timeline

The ‘Key Dates for BPS’ timeline is now available on GOV.UK.

This shows important dates in the 2018 BPS scheme year, ahead of the full scheme rules being published on 13 March.

We have also included some of the things that you need to do to meet the cross compliance and EFA/greening requirements of your application.

Some key dates to remember in 2018 are:

13 March – BPS application window opens. All guidance available on GOV.UK
15 May – BPS application deadline to avoid late claim penalties (includes deadline for 2018 entitlement transfers, and Young and new farmer applications)
31 May – deadline to make certain changes to an application submitted by midnight on 15 May without receiving a penalty
11 June – Late application deadline (1% penalty per day if submitted after 15 May)

Why not add these dates to your calendar now and set a reminder so that you don’t forget them – especially the application deadline on 15 May?

Read the Key Dates for BPS to find out more. You can also print it off or save it on your computer.

BPS 2018 Application deadline – Midnight, 15th May

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  1. Comment by Tim Lamb posted on

    Be nice if the calendar/chart had readable print when viewed on a desk top display!

  2. Comment by E Jones posted on

    If you could make all of the paper expandable on screen it would help us to read it. The Key Dates table above does not increase in size whilst the page around it does.
    Thanks. EJ

  3. Comment by John R. Hall posted on

    Could you make the deadline graph any smaller? I cannot read it at all.
    Are these dates secret? If not please publish so we can read them.
    Thank you.