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The RPA Podcast: Episode 4

RPA Podcast episode 4


Welcome to the fourth episode of The RPA Podcast.

In our latest episode, Richard Anderson, who leads the Field Officer teams at the RPA, talks about the RPA’s more collaborative approach to inspections and visits, and the improvements we can expect to see in the coming months. Richard highlights how his team will support farmers by offering greater levels of advice, guidance and signposting to help improve compliance with standards and scheme requirements.

We also take some time to understand the RPA’s geospatial mapping process. Rachael Dale, Head of Geospatial Services at the RPA, discusses the exciting changes that the RPA hopes will transform the mapping experience for farmers.

As we approach December’s Basic Payments Scheme payments window, we discuss BPS progressive reductions with Kenny McLoughlin, BPS and CS Claims Product Lead at the RPA. Kenny guides us through December’s BPS payments window and explains how the combination of progressive reductions and advance payments will impact this year’s window.

Later in the episode we hear from farming ambassador and RPA colleague, Norma Boyes MBE, as she reflects on how farming has changed, and continues to change, for women in agricultural roles and communities, as we mark October’s International Day of Rural Women.

You can also read the transcript for this episode here.

The RPA Podcast is an opportunity to engage with farmers and land managers in a new way, and we encourage you to reach out to us with suggestions of particular topics that you’d like us to cover with our subject experts. You can e-mail us at

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